I'm Sarah, I'm in my second Year of Animation at Humber College.

This site has been made to post any designs I come up with For the story Of Hansel and Gretel. A current Project I am working on. Currently i Have Three different Ideas for the project.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adventure time gretel

so my 3 gretels.

the thing with Hanel and gretel in this style. I would want the to keep that feel of sweet inocence that they would posses being children even with the hash life with their mother continuously kicking them out. so i chose light pastely colours that will largly clash with the witches dark cloths and such. i also tried different hair styles but i'm pritty sure I like the 1st one with her hair down. and i deffinetly like the bunny backback.

hansel shall be on his way. the difference though with gretel to hansel is that he has more wide range of character changes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So much adventure time.

I'd like to post that the adventure time style is not going to be my confirmed style. I'm still concidering the other two. at the moment I'm uploading the adventure time style because this concept was the newest one and i have all the work i have of it on me.

The other two styles will be up soon. I want to scan my best drawings before trying on the computer. since I'm better at drawing on paper than tablet. And I'm hoping to upload my influences for the other concepts.

an overview of the influence being.

The rabbits are largely based off of Don bluth, as well as the style of the secret of Nyhm. which is a wonderful movie. But I've also done research looking at Thumper from Bambi. And an old Feature Films For Families movie called "The seventh Brother" that is a story about a dog being adopted into a family of bunnies.

The bird concept came maily from an artist who has a story called City of birds. I do not want to copy the style as pritty as it is since i want to put my own take to it. But I love the imagery of this comic and would like to try something similar.

The witch herself gets a specific influence. I have the art of tangled book and was looking at the pictures of the original designs for mother gothel. they have such a perfect witch feel to many of them with lots a bits of scary. And i'm using from the different concepts of her to make my own version

anyway lots talking here. I'll post a bunch of the Images of influence soon

Look at this house.

it's wonderful

The witch

adventure time also has some good concepts for villians that can help largly for influence as well. The following images being The Ice King, The tree witch, and the lich king

Adventure time Influence

suprisingly I really like this style. Influenced by Adventure time

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Three H&G ideas

These are the three Ideas I've had planned out for this project. With all of them being largely different It might be difficult to decide what i want. From Left to right.

1. This is my Oldest idea. The concept of Hansel and gretel Being birds. the personalities were designed largely On gretel being a wild young girl that dragged her brother everywhere. I had also plannd for Hansel to be the one young bird who hasn't learned to fly yet..

I'm having problems with the design since they both look alot like the design i Had when i was designing Dr.jeckle from doctor jeckle and Mister hide. and i want to expand my designing skills.

Out of all three this may be my least favorite but i don't want to throw it away yet.

2. This is my newest idea. which is to simply Just keep Hansel and Gretel Human. I also wanted to flip the personalities around so that Hansel is rough and Gretel is sweet. This Idea has had alot of influence to it. with the style comeing from the Tv show Adventure Time. while i can't confirm this will be the finished style. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of adventure times style and I like how the two turned out.

3. This one kept with the personalities of the bird idea. I've just changed it to bunnies. I have been trying to make the designs for them more childlike, yet i was hoping to keep a disney esque idea to it. I've designed to work with their personalities their ears and walking style. Gretel is forward and energetic. So i have her modernly walking on two legs. and her ears up and attentive. while hansel is shy and introverted, i want to keep him walking in a more traditional rabbit way and i have his ear flopping down to the side giving him a more depressed feel.